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How Can the ACAMS Anti-Money Laundering Foundations Certificate Benefit Your Organization?

What is ACAMS?

The Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists ® (ACAMS) is widely considered to be the highest regarded organization for those who are committed to fighting financial crime. Its primary objective is to help professionals who work in the area of anti-money laundering and financial crime detection and prevention to develop the knowledge and skills they require to perform their function to a high standard. Members of the ACAMS are from a variety of backgrounds including law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, regulatory authorities, and business organizations.

The resources on offer from ACAMS are specifically designed to help professionals to acquire and develop the skills they need to perform their jobs effectively and consistently. Members of the organization can attend training courses, gain certification, attend conferences, network with peers, and access the body’s expert website, (the industry’s foremost source of information and all the latest news) and ACAMS Today (a dedicated AML magazine).

Tap Into ACAMS’ Training Partnerships

ACAMS has established productive collaborative global networks with a range of bodies including government representatives, industry professionals, and other professional organizations. Through these partnerships, it offers a range of programs that have a distinct AML and financial crimes focus. These programs are specifically designed to help professionals acquire advanced knowledge of AML and financial crime prevention and the expertise they need to successfully complete the CAMS exam.

 ACAMS has worked, or is currently working, with the following professional bodies:

·     The ESA CAMS training program in Lebanon

·     The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance

·     The University of Jordan Institute of Banking Studies

·     The UAE Securities & Commodities Authority

·     The US State Department

What is the ACAMS AML Foundations Certificate and How Can it Help You?

The AML foundations certificate provides the basic groundwork for entry-level employees who are not yet ready to sit the full CAMS. It can also be useful for employees who need a solid understanding of the role AML activities can play in their day-to-day jobs. 

Overview of the AML Foundations Certificate

The ACAMS AML Foundations e-learning offering was specifically developed for individuals who do not have an established background in AML compliance and would benefit from acquiring a solid comprehension of the practices involved in identifying, averting, and reporting financial crimes and money laundering.

The ACAMS AML foundations course consists of the following core components:

·     A four-hour e-learning course. All the materials that are part of this program of study can be accessed online. This allows course participants to study at their convenience from any location and device. The course content is presented in four one-hour sections. Participants can pause each module at any time and return to it at their convenience at any time within a four-week period.

·     40-question online examination. Once participants have completed the online training modules, they will complete a 40-question test that is designed to assess their comprehension of the fundamental AML/CTF principles.

·     Certificate of completion. When the participants have completed the four training modules, they will be awarded a certificate as evidence they have acquired the appropriate understanding of the basic canons of AML.

·     One-year ACAMS membership. Individuals who pass the AML Foundations will be provided with ACAMS membership. This will allow them to access all the resources provided by the ACAMS, including the complimentary webinars, expert discussion forums, online news and information sources, and the monthly membership magazine ACAMS Today. They will also be provided with an opportunity to attend ACAMS events at a reduced rate. 

Benefits of Completing the ACAMS AML Foundations Course

Your organization can access tangible benefits from participating in the AML Foundations program.The ACAM offers a comprehensive educational and testing tool that will get your employees off to the right start in their AML careers. The organization and employee will access a range of specific benefits:

·     Clear development path. Completing the ACAMS AML Foundations will help to improve your employee retention rate and enhance employees’ commitment to the organization by providing them with solid training and development opportunities within your organization. The AML Foundations can act as a stepping stone that will enable employees to progress to more specialized training such as the CAMS certification.

·     Quality assured. ACAMS is a renowned authority in AML education, information, and certifications. As such, you can rest assured that you are providing your

employees with access to the highest quality training at the outset of their careers in the AML specialism.

·     Opportunity to join a supportive ACAMS community. Joining the ACAMS provides your employees with an opportunity to become part of a global support network that consists of thousands of talented AML professionals. The group’s quarterly publications, complimentary webinars, comprehensive online forums, and networking provisions will give you access to the resources and support network you need to be successful in your career.

Completing the ACAMS AML Foundations

The ACAMS AML Foundations course can be completed in around four hours. It consists of the following four modules: 

1-   Basics of AML/CTF. Provides a basic overview and working understanding of money laundering and terrorist financing. Course attendees will learn the key vocabulary and associated attributes.

·     Stages

·     Consequences

·     Methods: Banks

·     Methods: Non-Bank

·     Terrorist Financing

2-   Laws and Regulations. Provides insights into the activities that are employed to combat money laundering and terrorist financing on both the domestic and international levels.

·     US Legislation

·     Financial Action Task Force

·     European Legislation

·     United Nations, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank

·     Wolfsberg Group

·     Basel Committee

·     Egmont Group

3-   Protection. Gives a solid grounding in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing programs and methods of protecting financial institutions.

·     Risk Assessment

·     AML/CTF Programs

·     Reporting

4-   Investigations. Offers a broad introduction to the process by which crimes are investigated. 

·     Investigation Basics

·     Investigation Outcomes

·     External Investigations

·     Interviewing

·     International Cooperation

So, that’s it in a nutshell. If you would like to learn more about ACAMS training and certification, please visit the ACAMS website:

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