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My Trip to Santa Catarina Cuixtla, Oaxaca

Santa Catarina Cuixtla is a town and municipality in Oaxaca in southwestern Mexico. It is part of the Miahuatlán District, south of the Sierra Sur Region.

Ciuxtla means “Where there are many hawks”. It is called Santa Catarina in honor of the place’s Patron Saint. The exact date of the municipality’s founding is unknown, but it is believed that the area’s first settlers arrived in 1430.

Tourist attractions:
There are springs and ahuehuetes that people visit for recreational activities.

Historical Monuments:
In the church, there is a canvas of Jesus crucified to which tribute is given every May 3rd. There is a small unexplored archaeological zone called “El Gentil.”


The following images are from two trips to Cuixtla with the nonprofit Oax Sport. Our host was local native athlete Felipe Arellanes.

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