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Hiking San Felipe del Agua

“‘San Felipe del Agua”‘ is a municipal agency belonging to Oaxaca de Juárez (municipality). It is an area of ​​high surplus value because for its beauty and tranquility it has become a benchmark in terms of the best places to live in the city of Oaxaca de Juarez, even by people of different nationalities.

Among the attractions are hiking or cycling routes in Cerro San Felipe, where there is varied vegetation, its river and several waterfalls. Its rivers and streams provide water for much of the city. Cerro San Felipe is considered the lung of Oaxaca and is covered, almost entirely, with virgin forest and clean waters.

It is a very quiet agency where despite its proximity to the city center, you can still see some native people doing their activities; how to collect firewood or make tortillas by hand. It also houses the “Luis Donaldo Colosio” park, which has an athletics track, field, soccer fields, basketball, volleyball, exercise equipment and games for children.

The party of the place is held in the month of May, with various activities such as the election of a “queen”, who leads the celebrations, mechanical games are installed and on the closing day a popular dance is performed.


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