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Steeda vs JLT: The Truth About Cold Air Intakes

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Steeda VS JLT   Steeda just published a testing article about their intake versus JLT Performance cold air intake. The review goes over the construction of the intakes, performance, warranty, and tunes. Read the article at    About Steeda ProFlow Cold Air Intake For the 2011-2012 Mustang GT How does the Steeda ProFlow Cold Air Intake – GT – 11-12 add up to a stock 2011 5.0L Mustang? It has achieved ¼ mile time of 11.88 at over 116 miles per hour. Think about it – that’s pretty good. Steeda is a popular manufacturer as they were the first to get into the 11.90 range using radial tires – the competition used slicks in order to keep up with them. Steeda is the biggest aftermarket manufacturer for performance equipment made for Ford vehicles. The cold air intake system right here was designed before the vehicle was even available to the public. For Motor Company supplied the CAD data so that it could be made. The high performance cold air intake made by Steeda allows the intake system of the vehicle to breath more freely than the stock intake system. It takes your vehicle to an entire new level. If you have a 2011 and up 5.0 Mustang, this is a great piece to install on it.   About The JLT Plastic CAI For the 2011-2012 Mustang GT This is one smooth looking tube. During the process of making the JLT Plastic Cold Air Intake, they took the interior sound tube into consideration. They understand that while some do not want it, others do. So, what did they do? They moved it to the inside of the tube. There is a cap included, which will allow you to remove the tube and cap the fitting in the tube. The fitting is lowered when it is capped, so it is not as noticeable at most angles. The tube has a 4.5 inch opening, so it obviously needs to have a big filter. With this CAI, there is no metal tubing involved. It has been finished off with a silicone coupler and stainless clamps. Honestly, this is one of the best intakes you are going to find on the market. For those who own a 2012 Boss 302 and a 2011-2012 GT Mustang that are using the Boss intake manifold, the kit will fit as is. However, including a 3″ vs. 2″ coupler will make it fit better. Those cars that have automatic transmissions will require an additional fitting. When using this CAI, it is going to increase your power to around 30+ RWHP. It uses a big area in order to make sure the filter has a large amount of cool air.
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