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My Experience in the Huatulco Duathlon 2021

Last June 12th, 2021 I participated in the Duathlon Sprint in Huatulco. Part of the national series, Triathlon AsTri. The Huatulco’s round supported the World Triathlon Cup, the last qualifying round for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The event was well organized. The space provided was large and enough to hold the many participants of the two events. The national AsTri series, and the World Cup.

The only issue we faced was the continuous rain. Fortunately, it stopped during my stint; the roads were wet and I don’t have the experience to ride the bike in such slippery conditions with tight twisty roads.

I thought I would do well in both running and cycling. I didn’t run as fast as I thought. Maybe it was because of the humid weather, or for the hilly route that we had to go through. In the cycling part, I felt good throughout the stint; it was just I was extra cautious around turns. I had little confidence in myself and the bike.

The weather was all right except for the continuous rain. When it was not raining, it was humid. The best part about the weather it was not sunny.

I prepared very well for the duathlon. We did many simulations and run-bike-run training. I am sure it helped me a lot, and I felt good transitioning from running to cycling and vice versa.

The atmosphere was pleasant. Few people turned up because of the pandemic. However, there was good attendance from the locals and the many competitors who made up the two events. Around 1,000 athletes showed up from all parts of the country and abroad. It was great to see the highest level of triathlon competing for their last chance to qualify for the Olympic games.

It was my second ever duathlon. My first was in Dubai in 2017. I went to my first duathlon with zero preparation and expectation. As I mainly run, I did better at running than cycling back in 2017; I had a similar experience here in Huatulco.

I enjoyed the competition and I would love to do more of it. The difference between my first and now my second duathlon that I am more prepared. I had many brick sessions, transition practice, and tips from friends. I felt I was close to my maximum potentials.

I would certainly come again for this event in Huatulco, and many other races in this region. The organization was very well, and the Huatulco area is suited for such high-level competitions. The weather will always be a challenge but that’s part of the fun.

My recommendation for first-time participants in a duathlon is to do a lot of brick sessions. Run-bike-run, and also do a lot of transition simulation. Be ready with any specialized equipment that might be needed for such sport. Know the rules and keep practicing.

AsDeporte has always been great in organizing high-level events and they have the franchise rights for IRONMAN and Rock n Roll. They are always at the top of their game and I can see little shortage in their organization. I trust AsDeporte and will also be excited to take part in their events.

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