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#infographic: The Beatles and their Cars

In August 1962, the Beatles were formed.  50 years later, their music is still part of the soundtrack of the lives of people all around the world.  This infographic takes a sideways look at the Fab Four and the cars they all drove, from John’s custom Rolls Royce to Ringo’s Ford Mustang, alongside some great trivia about the band. If you are a die hard fan of the Beatles you will find the information in this inforgraphic very interesting. There has not been much information published about the cars that The Beatles have driven over the years, but due to their wealth, the list is pretty impressive. Although some of the cars are highly desirable, there are also a few surprises in the list. Did you know that Paul McCarthy drove a Mini Cooper S? Or that George Harrison drove a Ford Anglia? Although this isn’t the full list of vehicles that the Fab Four owned, it provides fans with a great insight into their heroes and the cars that they have enjoyed driving over the years! This infographic was provided by Creditplus.
Fahad Hizam alHarbi

Private Investigator based in Mexico, multilingual and certified. CFI, CPO, CFCS, CAMS.
I specialize in money laundering, corruption, and fraud. I write about crime, literature, travel, and sport. Contact me through here or on social media for any investigative project in Mexico or Latin America.

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