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2005 Thunder Arabia Zip Formula Ford – FIA GT Weekend Bahrain

Zip Formula Ford
Zip Formula Ford
My First year racing. Started in Thunder Arabia Championship, which was based on Zip Formula Ford from the UK. The following video is from the FIA GT weekend at Bahrain International Circuit in November 2005. I was driving car number 7, my name was shown as F. Al Harbi. I finished 2nd, Raed Raffi won the race, and Sanjay Vara 3rd. if you enjoyed the video, please consider a Like and Subscribe. Will upload more videos soon.


2005 Thunder Arabia Podium
2005 Thunder Arabia Podium
Fahad Hizam alHarbi

Private Investigator based in Mexico, multilingual and certified. CFI, CPO, CFCS, CAMS.
I specialize in money laundering, corruption, and fraud. I write about crime, literature, travel, and sport. Contact me through here or on social media for any investigative project in Mexico or Latin America.

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