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2008 Crown Victoria – Before and After Mercury Marauder Airbox and MAF


Here is a before and after acceleration test for a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria with and without Mercury Marauder Airbox and MAF.

The Crown Vic has 2.73 final drive ratio and limited slip only

Acceleration tests were performed on a Mustang Dyne

At least three runs were done for each test



Tune only: 7.09 Sec

Tune + MM Airbox & MAF: 6.85 Sec



Tune only: 19.12 Sec

Tune + MM Airbox & MAF: 18.63 Sec


Quarter Mile

Tune only: 15.57 Sec @ 90.579 mph

Tune + MM Airbox & MAF: 15.32 Sec @ 91.111 mph


Click to Enlarge the result sheet

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