Tour of Kuwait 250 KM – طواف الكويت ٢٥٠ كلم

طواف الكويت ٢٥٠ كلم ١٣ و ١٤ فبراير ٢٠١٥ شاركت بدراجة ترك اموندا اس ال ٦ برعاية الكابتن احمد الخثعمي الصور من المنظمين و من اعضاء دراجتي السعوديه Photos provided by and My Bicycle Saudi Arabia See more coverage at #KuwaitCycling

Drag Racing: 14.3 Sec @ 100 MPH in my 2013 Focus ST

Instantly Save Up to %30 On Focus ST Parts from when you buy through this link – Click Here My first day at a 1/4 mile dragstrip in my 2013 Ford Focus. Only mod was SCT custom tune for 98 Ron fuel. Car had 5,000 miles. Best time of the day was 14.3 second […]

Track Day: 2013 Ford Focus ST on Yas Marina Circuit

Instantly Save Up to %30 On Focus ST Parts from when you buy through this link – Click Here First track day in my new 2013 Ford Focus ST. First time on Yas Marina, and first time driving FWD. Car had 3,000 miles, and all stock except SCT custom tune for 98 Ron Fuel.

Nurburgring The Playground Of Super Cars

Nürburgring – The Playground of Super Cars. The Nürburgring is a racing track synonymous with speed and stamina; a test track for the top sports cars manufacturers and a religion for car lovers the world over. Built around the village of Nürburg in Germany, this iconic raceway is visited by thousands of enthusiasts every year. […]

#infographic: The Beatles and their Cars

In August 1962, the Beatles were formed.  50 years later, their music is still part of the soundtrack of the lives of people all around the world.  This infographic takes a sideways look at the Fab Four and the cars they all drove, from John’s custom Rolls Royce to Ringo’s Ford Mustang, alongside some great […]

Dyno Test: Stock Airbox VS Volant Cold Air Intake – 2012 Chevy Tahoe 5.3

Save up to %40 when you buy Volant Intakes on Amazon, Click Here Dyno testing a 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe 5.3L before and after Volant cold air intake Stock Airbox: Power 241.543 WHP & Torque 239.896 FT-LB Volant Intake: Power 252.656 WHP & Torque 250.281 FT-LB Power Increase of 11.022 WHP & 10.385 FT-LB Dyno Used […]

2008 Crown Victoria – Before and After Mercury Marauder Airbox and MAF

  Here is a before and after acceleration test for a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria with and without Mercury Marauder Airbox and MAF. The Crown Vic has 2.73 final drive ratio and limited slip only Acceleration tests were performed on a Mustang Dyne At least three runs were done for each test   0-60mph Tune […]

Drag Times: Mustang Dyno Drag Simulation VS Real Track Times | Crown Victoria SCT Tuned

Drag simulation comparison between Mustang Dynamometer and real track time. Test Car: 2008 Ford Crown Victoria SCT Performance Custom Tuning Mercury Marauder Airbox Ford Racing Limited Slip Stock 2.73 Final Drive Ratio

Meezer Group Featured on Stainless Works Website

Stainless Works featured Meezer Group on their website. See the article at

Meezer 2006 Mustang GT – 12.66 @ 107.93 mph

For Details visit